Master Personal Trainer

Over the course of four decades, Michael Holland has developed and implemented holistic methodologies to address the various components that comprise the whole of each person. Working with student and adult athletes, Michael listens intently in order to thoroughly assess each individual during the comprehensive, user-friendly screening process. It is this protocol which allows him to construct a program that truly meets the immediate, mid-range and long-term goals of each client.


Folsom Lake Olympic Triathlon

“I decided to compete in my first Olympic distance triathlon, which was in 8 weeks. At that time, I couldn’t run more than 1 mile before severe leg pain set in, and would have to stop running. I had been doing some swimming and biking. Coach Holland told me if I followed his comprehensive athletic training approach, my injury would heal, and I would be able to compete at a high level in my first triathlon. Eight weeks later I placed in the top twenty in my age group, and placed ninth in the swim out of 44 competitors. My leg injury is no longer an issue. I’m currently in training for my first half Iron man, and I’m following coach Holland’s systematic progressions. I’ve had numerous coaches in my life, however, none of them kept me healthy during my training, with the capacity to reach championship levels in the way Coach Holland has.”David D

Different from Other Master Personal Trainers

Michael’s approach “empowers and awakens” each client, so that she or he experiences a variety success – far beyond just exercise and losing weight. In a very short amount of time clients feel healthier and more fit; physically, mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, and spiritually.

There is a societal mindset that requires speed of accomplishment. Too often clients buy into beliefs that say, “I needed to make that change yesterday,” “this is taking too long,” and “I don’t have the time to put into this.” Many personal trainers feed this mindset by rushing clients through exercises and programs toward a fast gain or myopic goal. They fail to appreciate how the individual parts of the whole person are linked together. They believe that general cardiovascular fitness, strength training, core exercises, a diet, and some stretching will deliver what the client needs. I find this to be a limiting philosophy; one that will work for a short time and ultimately come at the cost of over training, injury, weight gain and adrenal overload.

I opt to address the fitness in a way that cultures an enduring experience of total health for each client. Change that truly lasts, takes time. We are creatures of habit and despite the best intentions, those habits are not quickly surrendered and it will take time to build new ones. There is a large body of scientific research that corroborates the view that our bodies require time to adapt to the physical demands, stimulus, and the increased weight loads that come with strength training and exercise.

Respect and Challenge the Body, Mind and Spirit

Those training with Michael, are asked to trust and adhere to the process. To some, it may appear counter intuitive as first, however, the focus on QUALITY over quantity makes it possible for clients to maintain their increased level of fitness, vitality and performance over time.

STUDENT ATHLETES – As young athletes explore and harness their talents, Michael taps into the multiple facets of each athlete so they draw from within themselves their own unique gifts and natural abilities. As a trainer, Michael fosters a relationship of mutual respect and training maintains a strong focus on body mechanics. Students merge their skill and increased physical abilities – leading to athletic excellence, improved skill-sets for school work, social interaction, and greater accountability. While rigorous, the sport-specific program is free from over training, burnout and injury. Michael’s methodology for conditioning and training student athletes ensures a balanced, appropriate, and challenging program – one that drills down within a chosen sport at the same time it develops cross-over skills for increased access across the board.

“Thank you for all of your help in making me the golfer and person I am today. I started working with Michael Holland during my junior year of high school after my dad suggested that a personal trainer could help me improve my golf game. Through his focus on a progressive approach to all around fitness training, Michael helped me not only recover from tendonitis in my left wrist, but also go from a ten handicap to a two handicap golfer and the number one player on my high school team in my senior year. Michael helped me lose weight and gain strength by guiding me through exercises using my own body weight. Additionally, Michael helped me with the mental aspect of golf… Thanks to Michael’s dedication and support, I now look forward to walking on to the golf team at Cornell University and living a healthier and more mindful life.”Arman V

ADULT ATHLETES – The amateur, elite, professional athlete or weekend warrior in search of the right trainer each has their own set of objectives. Michael’s comprehensive assessments identify a client’s short, mid, and long term goals. Each personal training program establishes the foundation and format required to attain those goals. All while making certain the client remains free from injury.

Include RRIP in Your Personal Training Program

Competitive athletes who come to Michael because they have become frustrated – regularly falling short of their goals or sustaining repeated injuries – to these clients, Michael introduces “RRIP” Regression – Recovery – Integration – Progression. Michael developed RRIP as a way for competitive athletes to do well in their event and perform at their highest levels of athletic excellence in a wholly sustainable way. When the four phases of RRIP are completed; clients compete at the top of their game and remain injury free.

“When a client follows my program to the letter, they will not injure themselves. That, I guarantee!”Michael Holland

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