Peak Athletic Performance

peak_athletic_performance_elite_athlete_trainerPeak athletic performance is about more than upping your game. It is about connecting every component of who and what you are in a synergistic matrix. By linking the mental, emotional and nutritional pieces with the spiritual tangibles and intangibles – then coupling that with the correct physical progressions applied in a systematic and consistent manner – peak athletic performance is attained. While not for everyone, those who understand the value, appreciate our process.

“I have been a fitness professional for over a decade, and have also competed at a high level of athletics – Olympic trials for boxing, Colorado Springs 2012. I started working with Michael Holland 4 months ago, and a whole new world of awareness was opened to me. Michael has taught me how to access more from myself; physically, mentally and spiritually; to become the best “Me” I have ever been.”Michael Marshall 

peak_athletic_performance_training_coach_sanjoseTo perform at the highest level requires strength training and conditioning routines rooted in optimal functional health. Where others rely on aggressive tactics, here at Comprehensive Athletic Training (CAT), you achieve the peak performance without risk of aggravating old injuries or sustaining new ones. We lay sound foundation protocols for developing increased strength, speed and power with excellent results. The shallow and deep water conditioning/training programs developed by Michael Holland, founder of CAT, are an exciting addition to each athlete’s program. Beyond that, a variety of methods based in western science are complemented by eastern disciplines to ensure comprehensive conditioning for each athlete.

Training Adult Athletes for Optimal Results

Peak performance training is an option for athletes from all backgrounds – elite athlete, professional athlete and weekend warrior alike. It integrates the ‘whole person’ and primes the competitor for exceptional athletic activity and increased success in meeting the demands of daily life.

Athletes who utilize CAT’s peak performance programs reach new personal records as they train and condition free from overtraining related injuries. Clients become more mindful of what it takes to develop themselves into a healthy and balanced person – on the field and off. Once learned, practiced and embodied, CAT’s peak performance training lasts a lifetime.

Peak Training for Young Athletes

When a young athlete, 10-18 years old, implements CAT standards and practices from a young age – and when they carry this philosophy and the functional components of our program into their college, amateur and pro career, a lifetime of injury-free training is their reward. The competitive advantage for the advanced, elite and multi-sport student athletes who start in the formative years of their sport is exponential. CAT’s athletic and sport-specific training and conditioning continually challenges and expands a student’s capacity to set, regularly attain and stretch their goals. This discipline naturally translates to life’s challenges to their benefit.

Too often, young athletes are beset with frequent injury or sickness and cannot reach their sport-related objectives. As a result, they are chronically frustrated by their inability to realize the full capacity of their gift. When this occurs, parents and students need to re-evaluate their current training model and define what peak athletic performance means to them – here at CAT, it is about laying a rock-solid foundation on which students build and maximize their current athletic performance and ensure longevity over their career.

Programs for Male and Female Athletes

  • High School Football Prep
  • Pre-College Football
  • College Football
  • Pre-draft football
  • Pro football
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Marathon, Triathlon and Ironman
  • Track & Field – Running