Athletic performance and training is at a threshold of evolution. Sustainable athletic performance is the leading edge of this paradigm shift in athletic training. Michael is thrilled that the world is waking up to the way he has always worked with his clients. As this holistic approach to training and conditioning becomes the norm, Michael looks forward to working with more professional athletes, pro teams and future Olympians ready for the short-term and big-picture gains that become possible when you choose quality over quantity and respectfully challenge body, mind and spirit in unison.

holistic_athletic_training_sustainable_santa_claraComprehensive Athletic Training (CAT) has developed a distinctive, holistic model that leads each client to their highest levels of health, fitness and sports performance. Our comprehensive program begins with an in-depth personal assessment which Michael uses to determine the specific components needed to most effectively connect a client across each of the three levels. As clients are awakened, and empowered, they easily overcome any obstacle – whether based in the body mind or spirit.

Michael’s four decades of personal participation and research in western sports, eastern bloc sciences and training and Asian martial arts has established Comprehensive Athletic Training (CAT) as a pioneer; long at the forefront of this ever-evolving field of training, conditioning and sustainable performance. Michael has developed “RRIP” Regression – Recovery – Integration – Progression. RRIP is formula and program designed for athletes to perform at the highest levels of athletic excellence in a wholly sustainable way. When the four phases of RRIP are completed; clients engage at the top of their game, maintain their performance and remain injury free. In short, RRIP takes you were no other program for fitness, health and sports performance can!

Sports Performance and Sports Specific Programs

Private Sessions               $150.00 per hour
Semi Private Sessions    $125.00 per hour per person – Max 2 people
Small Group Sessions     $100.00 per hour per person – Max 3-4 people

Personal Training Programs
Private Sessions               $150.00 per hour
Semi Private Sessions    $125.00 per hour per person – Max 2 people

Workshops and Retreats
Weekend Workshops – San Jose Area – Please inquire

Awaken Your Power – Claim Your Power – Live Your Power
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