The ‘Flow’ North Coast. Develops balance, core strength, coordination, flexibility, improves heart and brain and function

Taoist Chi Kung Breathing for Calming and Centering the mind and brain

A’Flow’ Session In Big Sur. Good for Anxiety and Mental Health

TRX Strength Workout for the Legs, Upper Body, and Core

Yin-Short From-Tai Chi Chuan. A Moving Meditation

Seated Taoist Chi Kung Meditation for Stress and Mental Health

RIP Trainer. Strength and Core Workout

Taoist Qigong Yin and Yang Breathing

Hawai’i Qigong Lung Cleansing and Tonifying Practice

Qigong Standing Posture. Develops Strength, Health and Fitness

Beachside-Qigong Whole Body Breathing-Immune Health

Aloha-Morning Qigong and Flow exercise routine for energy, fitness and health

The ‘Flow’-Balance, Flexibility, Strength, Coordination, and Core Workout in Big Sur

Coach Michael-TRX Outdoor Workout-5 Exercises

Aloha-Nitric Oxide Dump Workout

Qigong with Coach Michael