Coach Michael has been an absolute game-changer for me. At 62 years old and with a passion for surfing, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges, particularly with shoulder and knee issues. But Michael’s expertise and personalized approach have truly transformed my fitness journey. From day one, he took the time to understand my condition and goals, ensuring every step of the process was tailored to my needs.

What sets Coach Michael apart is his unwavering commitment to injury prevention. He meticulously assesses my condition, evaluates weaknesses, and then designs a comprehensive training program that not only builds my fitness but also safeguards against potential injuries. With his one-on-one coaching and detailed guidance, I’ve not only improved my strength and endurance but also learned how to listen to my body and avoid pushing into painful ranges.

Beyond just physical training, Coach Michael’s holistic approach encompasses all aspects of wellbeing. From nutrition advice to mindfulness practices like Qi Gong and connecting with nature, he’s helped me achieve a sense of balance and flow both on and off the surfboard.

With Coach Michael’s support, I’ve not only become fitter and stronger but also gained a deeper understanding of how to live a fulfilling and healthy life. If you’re looking for a coach who truly cares about your wellbeing and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals safely and effectively, look no further than Coach Michael.


Allyn 2024

Real Results with Coach Michael Holland

Last year, at 41, I had a clear goal: to get back into competitive cricket as a bowling all-rounder, specializing in leg spin and batting in the lower middle order. The challenge was significant, but with Coach Michael Holland, I found the right partner for my journey.

Michael’s approach is straightforward and effective, focusing on mindset, nutrition, strength, flexibility, and cardio—all vital for peak sports performance. His dedication to improving my mobility, crucial after a dip during the COVID break, ensured I remained injury-free while pushing my physical boundaries.

The pinnacle of our efforts was preparing for the Over40’s Cricket World Cup in South Africa. With Michael’s guidance, I not only regained my competitive edge but also contributed to Team USA finishing 6th out of 12 teams—a testament to the hard work and strategic planning we put in.

For anyone looking to elevate their game, Michael Holland is the coach to go to. His expertise, tailored approach, and commitment to his athletes’ success have not just helped me achieve my goals on the cricket field but also enhanced my overall health and fitness.

Saurabh Verma - Proud Member of Team USA 2024

Coach Holland has been working with our teen children for a couple months now. Our son plays ice hockey and football, and our daughter plays club volleyball. When I was researching a trainer for our kids, I was very picky about training philosophy and qualifications.

My knowledge gained through my degree in Kinesiology and certifications such as CSCS and Tactical Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association) have empowered me with knowledge I cannot “unknow”. I successfully became a firefighter at the age of 37, not because I knew how to train, but because I knew how to train smart.

So when it came to my children I wanted them to have a GOOD trainer, and I know not all certifications are the same. Michaels bio is fantastic and seeing how he is working with our kids is above our expectations. Not only is he giving them quality instruction, he also texts them little reminders throughout the week or to check in if they have a big game. As a parent it is nice to have back up in the delivery of smart training ; )

Tracey Oliver

When I joined with Coach Michael back in March, I came in with a number of issues – high work stress (having all kinds of impact on sleep, blood pressure and mental health) , knee injury from athletic overuse without proper conditioning.

I had prior to my pregnancy (from a gush of youthful energy) completed a 100km biking ride just 3 months after I did a half marathon.

Without focusing enough on proper running form, core and glute strength, and recovery methods, I pushed through the events through sheer will power resulting in a knee injury that had since plagued me even after 6 years after the actual events themselves and a niggling concern that I may have to live with this.

After turning to multiple medical approaches for all of these and returning empty handed or approaches that only helped managed for the time being, I finally felt at home with the techniques Coach taught me and not only found it holistic but also teaching me to be patient.

I learned to appreciate what I had accomplished, and realized the practices Coach was teaching me would give my body, mind and spirit, the resiliency and healing I was missing.

I decided in July / August that I wanted to get back to running, when he introduced me to several techniques to correct bad posture / small nuances to change the form of even the most simple exercises that are often incorrectly performed with compensation happening.

His attention to detail allowed to activate and integrate muscle groups that weren’t as engaged prior and depth of knowledge (across Eastern Medicine and Western Science) made the approach soulful.

With it, over time, I find myself growing in confidence, strength, patience , calm and certainty that I can eventually at some point overcome my challenges and that this was perhaps one of my best decisions to sign up with Coach Michael.

Anusha 2024

Prior to working with Coach Michael, I had been working out on my own, with different trainers and coaches. I’ve struggled with over training, reoccurring injuries, random food intake of non-nutritious foods, digestive issues, poor sleep, and frequent episodes of lethargy and fatigue.

My strength, endurance and running were greatly affected. I realized I didn’t have the proper foundation to perform at my best. However, with the “Holistic Sustainable” philosophy and programs of Coach Michael, I have gained the necessary skills, training techniques, and knowledge to improve my performance and reach my goals.

I have improved my strength, speed, power, and running form, increased my endurance, and now I can push myself to new limits. My hard work and dedication, combined with the expertise and support of Coach, resulted in significant progress in my fitness levels, health, and athletic accomplishments.

Having Coach Michael as a coach and trainer is truly beneficial to me. I highly recommend working with Coach Michael to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level, health and athletic pursuits.

His “Holistic” philosophy and “Sustainable” program design has given me the foundation to stay injury free and attain any goal!

Lacey - 6/23

One year ago, I started doing Qi Gong on a weekly basis.
After many years of surfing my shoulders developed severe restrictions, with grinding and clicking.
Through the flowing styles and movements, coupled with focused breathing, my shoulders move freely. Also, my overall strength and endurance has increased.
Michael has helped me with some knee surgery preparation and recovery strategies using Qi Gong routines. It has really helped!


Kenny ElvinMaster Falconer and Wildlife Management / Educator - 5/15/2022

I’m a professional MMA Fighter. I worked with Sports Performance Coach Michael Holland while I was training in San Jose California. He helped me prepare for my upcoming fight on the Dana White contender series for the UFC.

When I arrived, I was still recovering from a previous shoulder injury. His recovery and rehabilitation techniques resolved the pain and healed my shoulder. In a short amount of time, I was able to train 100 percent again.
His body, mind, spirit training and conditioning methods were very different, and not what I was used to. I did a variety of strength and reaction explosive methods, some of which were in water. He also had me doing neuroscience (brain and nervous system) training and conditioning routines with him. I was skeptical at first but after seeing the results and improvement in all areas, I was a believer. My reflexes, and reaction time increased greatly. I was more fluid, elusive and explosive in sparring, kicking, and grappling. I was more aware of my movement (in the Zone) and mentally sharper.
He taught me about Qigong, meditation, breathing techniques, and eastern practices. He also taught me the importance of taking care of my body, and longevity in sports and in life. I learned a lot from him about nutrition, training, conditioning, recovery and living in Pa’a . Coach Michael is great coach and trainer. He has a lot of knowledge and wisdom and is very passionate about what he does. I’m very grateful to know him and work with such an amazing spirit.

Theo R. - 12-216-1 amateur record - 3x champ, 5-1 pro record - 2x champ - Pro Feather Weight and Lightweight Championship

Michael was extremely helpful in healing my shoulder pain. I had injured it with overuse and it hurt to raise it up over my head. He showed me how to stabilize it and focus on the area that needed to be stretched while stabilizing the connective tissue. The results were amazing. After three sessions with him, my shoulder is 90% better. I’m able to raise it up with no pain and work out again with it to strengthen the muscle. Michael is so knowledgeable with anatomy, physiology, and strength and conditioning. He also has vast experience with how to rehab musculoskeletal issues.

Dr. John Monagle, ND-2021

I am a long time runner, now in my 40s, though I once competed on the national collegiate level and I have had various injuries in my history. I met Michael and was impressed by his presence and wisdom and patience in addressing and sharing healing modalities for a unique foot ailment I had.

Michael also has coached me and helped me to slowly heal a shoulder injury I received while surfing. He walked me through a sequence of small movements-Somatic Repatterning-then with the use of small weights to regain strength and to also allow my healing shoulder to remain relaxed and at ease and to reset the pathways of my mind and body to not expect pain after healing.

Many, many times he counseled me and coached me on the merits of correct sport specific training, rest and recovery and being patient with myself and allowing my body to heal before going out and surfing or running. His care and advice and experience in sustainable healing have been invaluable.

I am now doing Triathlon training-running regularly, swimming and biking and there are no issues with my foot or shoulder.

Hilary F. - 2/23/20

Michael is an amazing “healer” trainer and coach!

I have been able to observe his work over the years with athletes and injuries in all age groups. My most recent personal issue was a complete rupture of my hamstring muscles off of the posterior pelvis playing “A” league hockey at age 55. I am a long ago retired pro and a practicing surgeon. My orthopedic colleagues recommended surgery and I was advised I might not regain normal function.

I turned to Michael. RRIP!. Regression, Recovery, Integration Progression. We started with Ice, then Ice and heat with the tiniest of reactivation movements and nerve “reawakening”. Ultimately over 4-6 months with intensive pool therapy (deep water movement, walking then running), Active Isolated Stretching and TRX. Guess what!! Complete recovery. No more hockey for me but plenty of cycling, jogging, yardwork etc, etc , with no problems.

He has helped my family and friends in similar fashion. Give him a call!

Peter C. - 1/11/2020

My livelihood and recreation have always been physically demanding, from commercial fishing to construction to serious surfing. I have always been concerned with my physical capacities and over all health, and was doing okay, but by taking advantage of Michael Holland’s in depth, wide ranging and ever growing knowledge of health, fitness, wellbeing and the many other terms that try to describe the indescribable, I have been taught and introduced to pathways that have led to excellence of result and great satisfaction.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), greatly enhanced and extended my surfing to my late sixties when an old injury eventually slowed me down with a hip replacement. With Michaels extensive knowledge of prehab and rehab which includes nutrition, supplements, holistic physical therapy, emotional and mental preparation my recovery was ahead of normal schedule and rather painless.

Injuries, even small ones, can, after healing leave compromised movement from the habit of favoring the injury. Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), reestablishes the necessary connections and allows for fluid transitions which in things like surfing can lead to new levels. Even in everyday life being in some state of flow, each moment seems deeper and more complete.

Michael introduced me to Foundation Training. My basic acquaintance helped me to improve my posture to where my well worn and problematic lower back hasn’t given me any serious concern in six years.

Michael Holland’s both in depth knowledge of many therapies and disciplines and familiarity with many others allows him to create, implement and coach a specific program that addresses the return to greater function, fitness and health. With Michael comprehensive means comprehensive.

Thank you Michael!

John McKinstry - Big Sur, CA / 2019

I have known coach Holland for more than six years. Michael was highly recommended to me when I was looking for a trainer to help my son with his conditioning and golf game. He helped him with all aspects of his game – he ended up becoming the top player in his high school team in his senior year. Subsequently he worked with my younger son on his soccer skills and eventually with me directly as I was working through some lower backpain issues that prevented me from running as much as I had grown accustomed to. In general, I like and appreciate Michael’s attention to details of the individual’s desires/goals relative to their existing physical condition and constraints concentrating on long-lasting results – not trading off risks of injury/reinjury for short-term gain.

I’ve also been impressed with how Michael strives to stay up to date with the latest trends in exercise, healing and nutrition to bring valuable insights, tools and techniques to his clients.

Specifically, the things that worked for me best were: core strengthening and stretching (Active Isolated Stretching-AIS) (for my back), TRX training (general conditioning) mixed with cardio and pool exercises.
I have recommended Michael to other friends – you won’t be disappointed.

Shams V. - San Francisco, CA / 2019

Coach Holland gave me a direction in my physical fitness that was custom tailored to my physical needs and my goals in golf. He played an instrumental part of preparing me for college golf. The training in high school gave me an upper hand once I got to college. Now, I currently hold the highest certification in Golf for the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

The programs and exercises that Coach a Holland prescribed years ago, are very similar to the fitness programs of the TPI, that are built for rotational athlete. I would highly recommend Coach Holland to anyone who is looking for results in their sports performance.

Chris Armanini, PGA, 2019 Aloha Section PGA Youth Development Leader - 12/18/2019

My time training with Michael helped me evolve in many ways. When I first started working with him, I had ended my high school cross country season early due to shin splints. If not taken care of properly, this injury could have prevented me from participating in both soccer and track later that year as well. Luckily, Michael knew not only how to help heal the injury, he also knew how to keep me in shape and even improve my performance.

Using his deep water running training routine and knowledge of holistic healing, not only did I improve my performance in running as soon as I recovered, I also learned about his unconventional yet strategic approach to training. The program he established for me involved running workouts in the pool, which simulated running on ground, but avoided the stress that it could put on my shin. It also made me much lighter on my feet and stronger, as the resistance of the water made running on land feel much easier. His holistic healing involved the practice of Qigong, a 5000 year old Chinese medical modality that improved my balance, diet, health, discipline, focus, and awareness.

Overall, for each and any client, Michael can formulate a personalized routine crafted to assure peak performance without over-exhaustion or further risk of injury. I cannot stress how extremely thankful I am for Michael and what he taught me about fitness, health, qigong, and running.

Alex Vaziri - 12/8/2019

As a former collegiate athlete that was unwilling to slow down or pay much attention to the stress I put on my body, I incurred a series of injuries through my late 20s and into my early 30s that ultimately resulted in a severe grade 3 ankle sprain with considerable tissue damage.

After I was advised that surgery was inevitable, I was put in touch with Michael who gave me a better alternative. Through his comprehensive program that addressed my injury from a physical, mental and nutritional standpoint, I was able to not just recover, but improve my athletic performance with no surgical intervention.

Michael helped me understand the connections of my prior injuries and showed me a better way to train and prepare (both physically and mentally) for the athletic goals that I still have. His approach focuses on sustainability and teaches you ways to nourish your body and mind. I can’t thank him enough for the tools that I now have to improve performance, prevent future injuries and manage stress. Remember the mantra – Regression, Recovery, Integration, Progression. THANK YOU MICHAEL!!

Andrew - 11/9/19