When I joined with Coach Michael back in March, I came in with a number of issues – high work stress (having all kinds of impact on sleep, blood pressure and mental health) , knee injury from athletic overuse without proper conditioning.

I had prior to my pregnancy (from a gush of youthful energy) completed a 100km biking ride just 3 months after I did a half marathon.

Without focusing enough on proper running form, core and glute strength, and recovery methods, I pushed through the events through sheer will power resulting in a knee injury that had since plagued me even after 6 years after the actual events themselves and a niggling concern that I may have to live with this.

After turning to multiple medical approaches for all of these and returning empty handed or approaches that only helped managed for the time being, I finally felt at home with the techniques Coach taught me and not only found it holistic but also teaching me to be patient.

I learned to appreciate what I had accomplished, and realized the practices Coach was teaching me would give my body, mind and spirit, the resiliency and healing I was missing.

I decided in July / August that I wanted to get back to running, when he introduced me to several techniques to correct bad posture / small nuances to change the form of even the most simple exercises that are often incorrectly performed with compensation happening.

His attention to detail allowed to activate and integrate muscle groups that weren’t as engaged prior and depth of knowledge (across Eastern Medicine and Western Science) made the approach soulful.

With it, over time, I find myself growing in confidence, strength, patience , calm and certainty that I can eventually at some point overcome my challenges and that this was perhaps one of my best decisions to sign up with Coach Michael.

Anusha 2024