Coach Holland has been working with our teen children for a couple months now. Our son plays ice hockey and football, and our daughter plays club volleyball. When I was researching a trainer for our kids, I was very picky about training philosophy and qualifications.

My knowledge gained through my degree in Kinesiology and certifications such as CSCS and Tactical Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association) have empowered me with knowledge I cannot “unknow”. I successfully became a firefighter at the age of 37, not because I knew how to train, but because I knew how to train smart.

So when it came to my children I wanted them to have a GOOD trainer, and I know not all certifications are the same. Michaels bio is fantastic and seeing how he is working with our kids is above our expectations. Not only is he giving them quality instruction, he also texts them little reminders throughout the week or to check in if they have a big game. As a parent it is nice to have back up in the delivery of smart training ; )

Tracey Oliver