Prior to working with Coach Michael, I had been working out on my own, with different trainers and coaches. I’ve struggled with over training, reoccurring injuries, random food intake of non-nutritious foods, digestive issues, poor sleep, and frequent episodes of lethargy and fatigue.

My strength, endurance and running were greatly affected. I realized I didn’t have the proper foundation to perform at my best. However, with the “Holistic Sustainable” philosophy and programs of Coach Michael, I have gained the necessary skills, training techniques, and knowledge to improve my performance and reach my goals.

I have improved my strength, speed, power, and running form, increased my endurance, and now I can push myself to new limits. My hard work and dedication, combined with the expertise and support of Coach, resulted in significant progress in my fitness levels, health, and athletic accomplishments.

Having Coach Michael as a coach and trainer is truly beneficial to me. I highly recommend working with Coach Michael to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level, health and athletic pursuits.

His “Holistic” philosophy and “Sustainable” program design has given me the foundation to stay injury free and attain any goal!

Lacey - 6/23