I just started working with a 14 year old female competitive volleyball player. She’s starting a week of conditioning and skill set development at her high school.

Her mother was with her observing. During the assessmnt I explained to her what I saw and what would happen if these inhibitions were not resolved before loading her skeletal system. She was able to see the before and ‘after results’ from the methods I taught her daughter.

During the assessments I took her through, she demonstrated significant compensations in her legs, pelvis and spine. No significant injury history other than a strained calf a year ago.

Prior to our session she sent me the the training and conditioning program she will be doing this week.

The standard skill set methods specific to her sport and strength development.

Again, this approach will only lead to muscoskeletal breakdown and compensation patterns developing, as well as a host of injuries with time.

I introduced her to a few simple reorganization methods, which were integrated with mindfulness practices, and within 20 minutes her mind body connection relationship translated to significant improvement in balanced loading and alignment.

Of course there is much more to do, yet I consistently find by slowing down the learning – noticing – and feeling change – static alignment – and alignment when moving in simple patterns – integrates into the neuromuscluar kinetic chains.

And with continued assessments – using the mindful noticing – addressing the weak links – and adjusting as needed – before loading – proper alignment becomes the norm.

In sustainable excellence,
Coach Michael Holland