Viruses are found in almost every ecosystem on Earth and are the most numerous type of biological entity. Viruses have been described as “organisms at the edge of life” and as replicators. Viral infections in animals provoke an immune response that usually eliminates the infecting virus.

Immune responses can also be produced by vaccines, which confer an artificially acquired immunity to the specific viral infection. Some viruses, including those that cause AIDS and viral hepatitis, evade these immune responses and result in chronic infections.

As age increases, the body’s built in immune response abilities and capacities begin to degrade, so antiviral immunity also begins to decline. Primarily, the elderly populations need to pay special attention to improving their anti-virus immunity.

There are numerous practices and methods to improve the anti-virus immunity:

  • Regular exercise can better improve glucose and lipid metabolism, not only enhance liver cell function, but also improve the functions of bone marrow cells, immune cells, and lung epithelial cells.
  • A positive mindset helps the body’s immune cells to be active. A negative and depressed mood will inhibit immune cell function.
  • A healthy nutrient dense diet is undoubtedly the basis for maintaining normal cellular function. Minimize or eliminate junk food and sugar.
  • Parasympathetic breathing practice by slowly inhaling through the nose and slowly exhaling through the nose repeatedly.
  • Spend time outdoors in nature walking, appreciating with gratitudes.
  • Quality deep Rem sleep of 7-9 hours.
  • Read nourishing books.
  • Listen to uplifting music.
  • Meditation.
  • Laughter.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Vitamin C has been reported being used in China to eradicate the virus.
  • Qigong and Tai Chi.
  • Astragalus and various mushrooms.

According to Huang Bo, a professor from the Peking Union Medical College Hospital &. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences-
“In the face of the current epidemic, eating more foods such as mushrooms, wolfberry, ganoderma powder, and black fungus can help improve immunity, because these foods are rich in plant polysaccharides (shitake mushroom polysaccharides, wolfberry polysaccharides, Ganoderma polysaccharides, etc.) Receptor molecules that can stimulate the surface of natural immune cells put these immune cells in a pre-stimulated state”.

As I have shared in previous newsletters there are numerous methods, as well as ancient practices that have been proven to nourish and strengthen the immune system, and the body, mind and spirit.