If I was to build a house from the ground up, first a survey is done, the foundation is laid, and the house construction begins.

Building the human foundation and body structure are no different. A key factor to remember is that, as the human body ages, our movement and exercise capacity and abilities will lessen due to a number of inherent physiological changes that occur.

Before one begins an exercise program, start with a comprehensive health, fitness, injury, pain, and movement assessment. My last newsletter addresses a number of tests.

Let’s propose that you are ready to begin an exercise program. Whether it is joining a health club, starting running, lifting weights, training for triathlons, or any other exercise, training and conditioning activity– the key to staying injury free is:
‘Less is More’.

What I mean by that is, begin with ‘learning and practicing the basics first’, for at least ten to twelve weeks, until your form in the activity you have chosen, becomes congruent and fluid. This gives your neuromuscular system that needed time to establish ‘the solid foundation to build it’s base’, and withstand the demands of any training, conditioning, and exercise program.

Also, it is very important that between each exercise session, to emphasize getting adequate recovery and rest.

Interestingly, the philosophy of ‘keep it simple’ and ‘less is more’, is a very challenging
concept to integrate into ones exercise program, as it requires us to slow down, and become much more present in the moment as to what is taking place while exercising.

When the above format is followed, the likelihood of staying injury and pain free becomes a reality.