As a result of the injury and pain, various compensation patterns developed throughout the body so that function and movement could take place.

Surgery addresses the injury and the pain that accompanies the ‘specific’ injury. It does not address or resolve the prior, and or new structural compensations and pain that resulted from the injury.

With the surgery there are ‘new and different structural compensations’ that take place. Physical Therapy has been the standard used for restoring some level of function–which is limited at best. This tends be the standard norm.

Bottom line-For optimal function to return multiple modalities need to be utilized. This can be an arduous task that requires persistence and patience, however the results are unparalleled and speak for themselves.

The modalities that I listed above to prepare for surgery–would also be used for-
‘rebuilding the foundation and structure’.

Each of the therapies listed above addresses a different part of our structure. We are made up of many parts, and all of the parts are interdependent.

If a surgery is needed–prepare and plan your course of action thoroughly for the greatest results–and returning to optimal function..