Unfortunately, there may come a time when surgical intervention becomes the last, and only option available to resolve an injury, and hopefully the pain that accompanies it.

Speaking from my own experiences of having had four surgeries-three hip replacements and lumbar surgery for spinal stenosis-it finally became evident that surgery was my last option to regain a ‘neutral base-foundation’ to rebuild my ‘structure’.

Before my first hip replacement surgery, which took place in 1997, I participated in numerous standard and holistic protocols in the pursuit of eliminating the hip pain and dysfunction. I invested two years of time immersing myself in a variety practices*.
*Listed below*

As a result of doing numerous protocols prior to my surgery, the trauma from the surgery quickly passed.

I then realized that if I use these methods post surgery, my healing and recovery could be greatly accelerated–and it was. In fact, so much so that the operating doctor told me he had never seen anyone heal and recover as quickly as I did. The physical therapist I saw for two sessions was in disbelief with my progress as well.

Needless to say, for the following three surgeries I followed the same protocols, with new additions that I had learned and developed. The results have been consistent and continue to surprise doctors and physical therapists.

Through the years I have ‘coached’ at least two dozen pre-op and post-op clients in surgery preparation, recovery, and healing protocols–and each one of them has experienced accelerated responses of healing and recovery.

I have consistently found that there are ‘three key areas’ that need to be addressed for for a surgical event.

The long and short of it is:
-Preparation is of paramount importance in developing the foundation for success in any endeavor in life-The greater and more thorough the preparation is-the greater the results.

What I have learned is that there are a multitude of holistic modalities outside of the western model of surgical preparation, physical therapy and healing, that consistently prepares the body, mind, and spirit for surgery, and accelerated healing and recovery.

The modalities I have used, and have recommended to clients are:

-Heller Therapy
-Herbs and Supplements
-Deep Water Therapy
-Muscle Activation Technique
-Certain Types of Chiropractic
-Various types of Massage
-Certified Advanced Rolfing
-Strength Training

Surgery and all that accompanies it, is a ‘traumatic event’ that affects the entire body, mind and spirit. All the systems are thrown out of homeostasis as the result of an accelerated release of the sympathetic response of cortisol and adrenaline, flight or fight.

The key to accelerating healing and recovery post surgery is to restore the parasympathetic system as soon as possible.